Technology Ideas

Welcome to our links page, we hope you find this useful. This page highlights technology, teaching ideas and companies that provide services to schools. Some are free and others may have a cost attached to them. If you think you have a service or website that would be useful on here feel free to contact us via our contacts page.

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The Shore Thing (

The Shore Thing is working with schools and volunteers to collect information on the marine life of rocky shores around Britain. Information collected will be made available online. This information will then be used to build a picture of how things are now so that they can measure changes in the future. This will give children a chance to participate in real scientific research.

Presenting Topics To Others (

Here is an example of how things can change with technology. This presentation software is free to schools when they use their school email accounts. It is a huge improvement on powerpoint.

There are some very interesting work examples within the explore section of this website. This presentation: about Martin Luther King, clearly demonstrates how useful this software can be for children presenting their knowledge and understanding about topic work.