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British Science Week 2018

Well British Science Week 2018 has started and we hope all schools are taking the opportunity to participate in this fantastic event. So what is this all about? Well British Science Week 2018 takes part each year and is run by the British Science Association. The event lasts for 10 days and this year runs from […]

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Data logging in the Primary Classroom

Data logging in an excellent example of how to integrate computing and technology into the primary curriculum. Using this equipment helps to bring science alive and develops children’s confidence with using technology that is different from what they usual encounter in class. Data logging equipment today is simple to use and reasonably priced. Data Harvest, […]

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Integrating Computing and Technology into the Classroom

Integrating computing and technology into the classroom and other subject areas is I believe essential. It is not good enough to have separate lessons just for coverage of a curriculum. Technology offers many opportunities to engage children with their learning. Throughout my teaching career I have made a point of integrating technology into the classroom and […]

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Teacher teaching pupils how to use iPadds

Teaching Assistants – what gems!

Ever since I became a teacher back in 1999 I have become fully aware of the value of teaching assistants. Without them in class I really do not think teachers could survive, especially as mainstream schools now have more children with specialised learning needs. However; even without inclusion issues, where on earth would a busy classroom teacher […]

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BETT 2014

Well BETT 2014 returned to the Excel centre in London and this year I was able to attend for three days, which was rather handy as trying to find everything was rather difficult. Before I proceed I need a quick moan: Poor facilities for charging up mobile phones Limited WIFI connection. Very poor support for finding things once […]

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Stem Education

There are many debates about getting children into STEM employment. Here from the ASPIRES project at Kings College London, a document outlining 10 fact or fictions about this issue. I received a copy of this on one of my units of work as part of my MA and thought I should share it. I am sure […]

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