Online Resources

Welcome to our online resource page and we hope you find this useful. Even after the recent home learning going on because of lockdown, we think you will find these useful after your child or students have returned to school.

If you think you have a service or website that would be useful on here feel free to contact us via our contacts page.

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Friends of Tivoli Park (

As a company we believe in giving something back so we run this blog for the friends of a small park in West Norwood who are working to keep it in good shape. The friends group are intending to develop projects with local schools so that they can help the children appreciate parks in their area.

Furthermore, Technology To Teach believe that children should be able to contribute to blogs such as this so that they develop their interest in the local environment as well as have an audience for their writing and possible science projects. Watch this space for any updates

Gaggle Net Logo

Gaggle Net (

Want to provide good email for your school?  Well I highly recommend this system which I have used in two primary schools in London. The children loved sending mail and logging on to the chat room at the weekend, yes the teacher can restrict this just to the school or class. The children enjoyed chatting knowing that they were in a safe environment.  If they send inappropriate messages via email they are blocked. If they use the chat system and say anything incorrectly, then the administrator gets a copy so what has been said can be discussed with the child concerned.

The free version comes with child friendly adverts but you can pay for the advert free system. I used the advert version which also proved useful as a teaching resource. Lets face it, they will encounter adverts on webmail when they get older (if they haven’t done so already) so why not teach them how to handle them.

Oh and the address they get will be no more long winded email addresses which often include the schools name

Maths Dictionary (

Maths dictionary for kids is an excellent online resource for helping children understand certain maths terms. I first used this resource as software in my school, but later on found out that it was free online. It has over 630 different mathematical explanations. There are interactive diagrams/pictures to help with the explanations.

There is a quick reference page and you can also download maths posters for your home or classroom.


The Shore Thing (

The Shore Thing is working with schools and volunteers to collect information on the marine life of rocky shores around Britain. Information collected will be made available online. This information will then be used to build a picture of how things are now so that they can measure changes in the future. This will give children a chance to participate in real scientific research.