Gifted and Talented Course

Date(s): London: TBA 2014 | Birmingham: TBA 2014

This Gifted and Talented Course aims to offer practical solutions to help support the more able children in the primary classroom.  How to recognise gifted and talented children, effective strategies in the different subject areas and how to monitor children’s progress are some of the intended outcomes.

The role of technology is extremely relevant to this topic so suggestions for suitable hardware and software will be given along with some practical ideas on how to use these in class.

Our Gifted and Talented Course is suitable for all teachers from NQTs through to subject leaders. Teachers attending will also be given a variety of IT resources that can be used back in class to enhance learning with children.

Cost of this course:  £200

Areas covered:

  • What is a gifted and talented child?
  • Adapting planning to meet the needs of gifted and talented children
  • Strategies for supporting these children in the different primary subjects
  • The role of differentiation
  • Using technology to support the more able
  • Peer mentoring and its role in stretching these children
  • Making sure that these children develop their social and emotional intelligence

Do look at our blog that has teaching ideas and resources that could be used in class with gifted and talented children. Our Technology Ideas page has links to sites that would also provide extra ideas and resources.

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