Archive | May, 2013

Apps To Help Autistic Children Communicate

Following a request on Linked In for suitable apps to help autistic children communicate, I thought I would gather together some of the suggestions here. I suggested speechbox which I haven’t had the chance to use but it certainly looks interesting I must say, it does look good value in comparison to some of the recommendations. Bitsboard […]

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Internet Potential

The Internet is truly an amazing resource, not just for basic teaching ideas but it gives our children the chance to connect with others around the world. ‘Voices around the world’ is a not for profit project which is linking the voices of young people around the world. In 2012 more than 300 schools from […]

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Data Handling and Technology

I have often noticed that Data Handling in the primary school can become rather dull. How many surveys can children do about their favourite foods? With this in mind I decided to grab their interest with technology.  We started to discuss mobile phones and if they had one, what make was this and why they […]

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