Internet Potential

The Internet is truly an amazing resource, not just for basic teaching ideas but it gives our children the chance to connect with others around the world.

‘Voices around the world’ is a not for profit project which is linking the voices of young people around the world. In 2012 more than 300 schools from 40 countries got together to make a recording of ‘Building Our Own Future’ a Howard Jones song.  In December 2012 the recording was released which included over 1000 voices.

The new project for 2013 will once again feature another of Howard’s songs entitled ‘Unshakeable’  If you want your school to take part here is the link:  .

There are some video clips and pictures showing the schools involved in 2012.

Your recordings have to be submitted by 19th July so get applying quickly, it looks fun and I am sure your children will thoroughly enjoy!

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