BETT 2014

Well BETT 2014 returned to the Excel centre in London and this year I was able to attend for three days, which was rather handy as trying to find everything was rather difficult. Before I proceed I need a quick moan:

  • Poor facilities for charging up mobile phones
  • Limited WIFI connection.
  • Very poor support for finding things once past the entrance, why was there no points within the exhibition to find an adult that knew the layout?

Other than that I had a lovely time and it was great to not only get the chance to meet many new twitter friends, find some interesting new software and technology resources for teaching, but also attend some rather interesting lectures. I also had the opportunity on the Thursday to appear on the NAACE stand as part of their ‘Ask an Expert’ slot, very interesting indeed.

One particular item I was keen to see in the BETT arena was this:

learners voice series

As part of my MA I am researching how technology can support assessment in primary science and I have a particular interest in recording children’s talk, so when I saw this event was on I made sure I was there. The teacher James Blomfield and his children were there to talk about a recording app that they use in school.

With Teacher Feedback you can record and listen to feedback from your students.  More information about the software can be found here Both the teacher and the students were very enthusiastic about receiving feedback in this way.  Some benefits outlined

For children:

  • Talking produces more words
  • Their talk is more expressive
  • They can replay the track and really reflect on the teacher’s comments
  • The feedback can be stored and returned to at a later date

For teachers:

  • Does not replace written feedback but enhances
  • Multiplies teacher effectiveness
  • It can support a range of learning styles
  • It is a more refreshing approach to giving feedback to pupils

Parents and other participants in learning such as book authors can also be involved and children’s author Caryl Hart appeared during the session via a Skype video call to explain how much she had enjoyed working with the children via this application.

Caryl Hart

Caryl Hart

A thoroughly interesting piece of technology which I think will enhance learning in class, worth taking a look at.

Another event I was particularly keen to get to was this one:

Computing Masterclass

Some very interesting comments from Miles and I thoroughly enjoyed Phil’s jam sandwich making robot, what an excellent idea to not just hook the children, but the teachers too.  However, my main reason to be at this presentation was to meet with Yasemin and to see the work she does with the children at her school. To my great disappointment I had missed the coding night they held last year. Yasemin gave a lovely presentation showing how programming engaged not just the children but also the teacher’s in her school. The children, despite some nerves clearly enjoyed their day.


Year 6



I came across some other interesting resources during BETT both at the show and away, one piece of software I hope to trial with a group of children in Shropshire later this week. I will update you on my how this goes. I also attended the largest Teach Meet which I enjoyed very much, I am trying to organise the various ideas and resources but time seems to run away! I think I will add those ideas on a separate section.


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