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Data Handling and Technology

I have often noticed that Data Handling in the primary school can become rather dull. How many surveys can children do about their favourite foods? With this in mind I decided to grab their interest with technology.  We started to discuss mobile phones and if they had one, what make was this and why they […]

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Well I am always amazed at the sort of help and advice that can be given out on the Internet and I would like to say thanks to everyone who has offered comments and links to my questions about software and its effectiveness with autistic children. I quite like some of the articles in this […]

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Is a demanding job which is both frustrating and delightful in equal measure. Yes we have reasonable holidays which most teachers use to catch up on work they cannot do when the children are in school. To see the horrendous comments following this article is most upsetting.(not the actual article, the comments section that follows) […]

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