Is a demanding job which is both frustrating and delightful in equal measure. Yes we have reasonable holidays which most teachers use to catch up on work they cannot do when the children are in school. To see the horrendous comments following this article is most upsetting.(not the actual article, the comments section that follows)

I have undertaken many jobs over the years such as nursing, management in the commercial sector and teaching. Whilst teaching I have encountered some of the the most hard working and dedicated people, they do not deserve some of the comments posted without much thought or even knowledge about the system.

Well done to those on the comment section who have tried to stand up for teachers. I gave up reading about a third of the way down, it seemed to be getting nasty!

http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2013/apr/02/nut-no-confidence-michael-gove  politicians from all parties should be ashamed of their politicising of education.

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