ASE Conference 2014

Well this was my first visit in many years to the annual ASE conference which was held this year in Birmingham. I always enjoy visiting Birmingham either to visit friends, or run courses and other CPD events such as school INSET. I find everyone I meet in the city extremely helpful and friendly.

I only attended the Friday and Saturday session as this was their specific days for primary schools and I must admit the Friday sessions were pretty packed which was rather frustrating. When I arrived at one workshop to find it packed I decided to walk around the exhibitors marquee instead, this proved to be an extremely good move as I bumped into a member of the open university promoting iSpot.

I am not going to write a big review as I will do this later but if you are covering any topic this term on nature then give this site a go. It is a website aimed at helping anyone identify anything in nature, you can add your own observations and join in discussions. Unable to identify a particular creature? Then use their identification keys.

The site is part of the OpenScience Laboratory which is an initiative run by the Open University and The Wolfson Foundation. A fantastic looking resource and free which is always a bonus.

I shall be adding more interesting finds from my trip over the next few days.


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