Photography Ideas In Education 1

Schools continue to spend large amounts of money on tablets, whilst I have no views at this time on how beneficial these resources are, I do question why schools are prepared to purchase such expensive items but appear reluctant to buy digital cameras?  As I travel around various schools I see the teachers using digital cameras but rarely the children. When I was the ICT coordinator at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School I purchased a set of digital cameras that could be used by the children. They cost far less than tablets and can be integrated into large areas of the curriculum. The children really enjoyed using them, with quite a few demonstrating a high level of ability when framing a shot.

I have started to learn more about this art and have enrolled on an online course (As well as my MA!). Here are some of my pre-course pictures.

Topic areas that I believe are possible with photography

  • Science of light
  • How the human eye works
  • The Environment
  • Street photography and well known photographers
  • The history of photography

There are I believe many others; do feel free to offer any suggestions. If you are interested in bringing photography into your school then do check out our course – photography in the primary school








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