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British Science Week 2018

Well British Science Week 2018 has started and we hope all schools are taking the opportunity to participate in this fantastic event. So what is this all about? Well British Science Week 2018 takes part each year and is run by the British Science Association. The event lasts for 10 days and this year runs from […]

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Planet Images

Well I have now received images of two planets from the Bradford Robotic Telescope; Mars and Jupiter.  Here is a great chance to compare the size of these planets in these photographs with those found on the NASA website http://www.nasa.gov/offices/education/about/, along with other images that are available through google searches.   Here is an image taken from NASA’s casini spacecraft, rather different […]

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Telescope Images of the Moon

Well here are my seven images of the moon. There are a variety of teaching ideas that could be developed from them and you will notice that not all of the phase has been captured. I have organised another week of observing.     I had also ordered an image with a short exposure time. This image of the […]

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