Teaching In Russia

Well as of this Saturday 26th April 2014 I will have been in Moscow a total of 15 days. I will not go into the reasons as to why a fairly large group of teachers where recruited to teach for Atlantic International School in Moscow but needless to say it has been quite an amazing experience.

I was in the middle of organising a couple of up-coming courses for both newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and teaching assistants when the group email came from Protocol announcing this fantastic opportunity.  The contract was for the final part of the summer term so I decided to grasp this opportunity with open arms. After the initial telephone interview the wait for the official invitation seemed to last forever but eventually it did arrive on Monday 7th April and by the Friday of the same week I found myself sitting in a hotel room in Moscow. The visa processing, bag packing and other issues that needed sorting before I left went by in a whirl, and to be honest the past two weeks have been like a whirlwind. By Monday 14th April I was teaching in front of a small group of year four and five Russian children. Although I must admit quite a few of the children are not strictly Russian born as many come from the International community having travelled from places such as Korea, Turkey and the USA.

My experiences so far have been very positive, the staff at the school have been extremely helpful and Russian people around Moscow have been friendly and patient whenever one of us has needed help with directions through the streets or the rather large and impressive metro system. 

I hope to keep everyone posted about life here in Russia and any interesting teaching and learning strategies that I develop.

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View from my flat

View from my flat


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