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Lists, maybe you love them or hate them. Personally I am not very good at making them. However, today I appeared on one! Many thanks to Promethean World who listed me amongst their Twitter Recommendations here

I certainly appear alongside some impressive tweeters. Usually, these type of lists of recommended people always seem to have the same people. Which is fine, but what about new people who arrive to twitter and have much to pass on? How long will it take before they end up on a list?

Well it has taken me a while, so maybe it’s time I made my own twitter list of recommended people. Since joining Twitter in July 2012 (rather a long time ago) I have had a very positive experience of using this particular social media platform and have met some wonderful people both in and out of education.

Twitter Recommendations – Literacy Tweeters

Although not new to Twitter I think the following people are an essential to follow. Alan Peat who uses the following twitter handle @alanpeat  Pie Corbett @PieCorbett  and Infinity Literacy @Infeducation All people who give great advice and will help should you have a question about literacy learning. I have been particularly grateful to Maria at Infinity Literacy who has often sent me copies of literacy policies and other information which I have passed on to schools here in Moscow.

Twitter Recommendations – English as an Additional Language (EAL)

First up in this section is Diane Leedham who uses @DiLeed and then Kamil Trzebiatowksi @ktlangspec. Both are experts in this field and have been very generous with their time and advice. Once I was here in Moscow I realised that I needed more advice on working with children whose first language is not English. These two people have been fabulous and this is my chance to say thank you.

Twitter Recommendations –

I will be adding more soon. Please feel free to recommend someone via the blog or on twitter

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