Wendy Gregory


Wendy Gregory ConsultantWendy Gregory has a solid background of teaching experience gained across the age range, as well being a psychologist and author. She works as a consultant for her LEA Department for School Improvement, Standards and Inclusion and is a freelance training consultant with an impressive client list. Wendy has a lively, interactive style of delivery and is keen to personalize training courses as much as possible.

Wendy runs the following courses:

Developing Thinking Skills in the Early Years Foundation Stage

This one day course (accessible to teaching or non-teaching staff) has been extremely popular over the last two years, and is invaluable for anyone working with very young children. The development of thinking skills underpins all learning, and you will be given lots of practical strategies and ideas to use in the workplace.

Outstanding Lessons in the EYFS/Outstanding Lessons in Primary

Each of these workshops for classroom-based teachers and support staff will eqiup you with knowledge of OFSTED criteria and how they will judge your school and its lessons. You will learn what an outstanding lesson looks like, as well as practical tips on meeting the needs of different learners, the classroom environment and how to plan and assess for outstanding lessons.

Questioning Techniques for Extending Thinking and Learning (HALF DAY)

Questioning is essential to maximise the learning of all and is a vital part in the development of thinking skills and of problem solving generally. This workshop will cover sample teaching models to promote enquiry and problem solving through play and topic work as well as types of questions to promote thinking and learning. It will give you lots of practical tips for questioning including ideas for working with pupils of different abilities.

Counselling skills for teachers/TAs/NQT’s, (primary or secondary).

This one day workshop course will cover some basic theory, and teach the specific micro-skills needed for effective interaction with pupils. It will also examine the application of counselling skills in a school setting, giving plenty of practical suggestions. The workshop is accessible to both teaching and non-teaching staff.

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