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Supporting the EAL child in the Primary Science Classroom

Supporting the EAL child in the Primary Science classroom requires the use of real concrete objects. Using real objects will provide more vocabulary. To get this message across I started off with the teachers gathering together all the vocabulary they could think of for a lemon. When they had done this, I then showed them a coloured […]

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Events in Moscow

Museum Night I was very fortunate to be in Moscow when they had this event which was held this year on Saturday May 17th 2014. This is an annual event which is growing in popularity and where museums and other cultural establishments allow free entrance. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the city as people […]

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Blogging in Russia

Just a very quick update, the children in this school as yet have not had the opportunity to start blogging so myself and the year five teacher have set up class blogs. Here is the link to my year 4 class http://aisyear4.blogspot.ru/ I have also set up a school podcast here http://audioboo.fm/AtlanticDubrovka. I will add a link for […]

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Teacher teaching pupils how to use iPadds

Teaching Assistants – what gems!

Ever since I became a teacher back in 1999 I have become fully aware of the value of teaching assistants. Without them in class I really do not think teachers could survive, especially as mainstream schools now have more children with specialised learning needs. However; even without inclusion issues, where on earth would a busy classroom teacher […]

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